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Install and Configure "Lithium" on Your Minecraft Server

Level: Intermediate

This guide is designed to help you install and configure "Lithium," a Minecraft server optimization mod that enhances server performance without altering gameplay. Lithium improves server tick times, reduces lag, and is especially beneficial for servers with multiple players. Let's go through the installation process of "Lithium" on your Minecraft server.

How to Install and Configure "Lithium" on Your Minecraft Server

Step 1: Confirm Your Server is Running on Fabric

  • Lithium is a Fabric mod, so your server you installed is running on Fabric.

Step 2: Download "Lithium"

  • Obtain "Lithium" from its official source or a reputable mod repository. It's important to download a version that is compatible with your server's Fabric version.

Step 3: Access Your Server Files


Step 4: Install "Lithium"

  • Navigate to the mods folder in your server directory. If there is no mods folder, create one.
  • Upload the "Lithium" file to the mods folder.


Step 5: Restart Your Server

  • Restart your server to apply the changes and activate "Lithium."


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